BCBG Max Azria leather like moto leggings

A month ago I wrote a post on a pair of Forever21 faux-leather pants that ripped the first time I sat down. I was devastated since these pants looked absolutely amazing on that I instantly went into hunting mode to find a replacement. After countless hours of research online I came to these conclusions; either I spend $500 for a real pair of skinny leather pants or I purchase a faux-leather legging for half the price. Continue reading BCBG Max Azria leather like moto leggings

Birthday party bash, Lady Gaga style

This past year has been incredibly insane. 2 years later we are finally back in the bay area and just in time to celebrate my birthday. I traveled all over the west coast, Alaska and Canada with my boyfriend Jason Van Horn in 2009 working for the International Mountain Bicycling Association. In 2010 we decided to plant our roots in Portland, Oregon. I was very excited to live in a bicycle friendly city that offered some of the best mountain bike trails I have ever ridden an hours drive away. However, I was ultimately unhappy. The constant rain, lack of female friends and fashionistas began to wear on me. While I am in love with the sport of mountain biking, it just wasn’t enough of a balance for me.

Towards the end of this summer I decided to spend 2.5 months in the desert in the outskirts of Los Angeles house sitting. I desperately needed alone time to soak in the sun at my father’s lake front property and spend time with my best friend whom I’ve known for half of my life. It was a fantastic 2.5 months spent telecommuting for work, exercising 5 days a week, shopping constantly and enjoying lots of girl time. A time of recharging.

Jason and I are now settled back in the bay area. Prefect timing might I add to throw a birthday slash welcome back party. I really missed all of my friends and 2 years away from familiar faces was much too long. In typical Ingalicious style, I absolutely had to throw a party with a fabulous theme. When I think of fabulous, I think of Lady Gaga. She is in her own right one incredible artist who pushes all the limits with her fashion sense.

I took this quite seriously (all I needed to buy was a wig ;P) only to realize I actually owned plenty of garments to pull her look off effortlessly. I grabbed a pair of pleather tights, a lululemon body suit, a sequin blazer from Kensie and black knee high heel boots from Faryl Robin out of my closest and wah la, my inner Gaga was shinning! To finish off the look I put on a platinum blond wig, plenty of fabulous makeup and her signature shades.

Inga Beck dressed as Lady Gaga
Gagalicious- Me and Cat
Gagalicious - Me, Erica and Sandy

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate, you are the best!