Urban flair and easy to wear

I recently attended a bicycle show in Portland with Jason and as always no matter what the event, I like to showcase a bit of style. In this case I stuck to more of an urban style with comfort (note the kicks). I was after all, riding a single speed road bike to the event. 

Free People – making simple chic

Free People clothing inspires me, I admire how they take a piece of clothing that is normally boring and put a funky, artistic spin on it. They are known for their renowned use of floral and faunal leitmotivs throughout their line. The pieces are reminiscent of boho-chic styles, and are somewhat quirky, designed for the eclectic, […]

Skunkfunk wallet – vegan, funky, and hip!

A day of perusing our local hip area to shop led to me to a little boutique filled with soft cozy lounge clothing, sweet smelling lotions and many other items that I was pleasantly surprised to see.  Among some of those items were 3 different really hip, funky, multi-colored wallets from a company called Skunkfunk.

Stylish, hip, and simple day time outfit

This is a very popular look around San Francisco and one of my favorite combinations. Each piece is versatile and affordable. This is a great way to feel comfortable walking around without having to compromise on style. If you look closely, the detailing on the sweater is pretty fabulous.