Betabrand Women’s #RedPantsFriday

It is pretty easy to guess what the hashtag #RedPantsFriday is all about – wearing a pair of red pants on Friday. It is a silly, popular trend that is Tweeted, Instagramed and Facebooked every Friday.  So it is no surprise that Betabrand, an ultra internet-savvy company, designed a pair of women’s red pants for #RedPantsFriday.

Red hot for #RedPantsFriday
Red hot for #RedPantsFriday

It just so happens that I am obsessed with red pants in general (they make me feel so fierce) and was thrilled when my friends at Betabrand asked me to style these women’s #RedPantsFriday. A slim pair of red pants are very easy to either dress up or down depending on your mood. Since it is still chilly in the bay area and it was casual Friday, I decided to stick with a basic black top from Splendid, a black leather Steve Madden jacket and Cri de Coeur Hartland booties. Once it warms up, a cream or white top with a pair of chic brown sandals will be a prefect combo.

T'ai chi - licious
T’ai chi – licious

What makes these Betabrand women’s #RedPantsFriday unique, is they are 100% velveteen in the front and 100% stretch sateen in the back (quite gorgeous in person). They also have gold zippers on the outside that run halfway up the calves (great choice on the gold!), silky red satin pocketing, and a red heart button (that is 24K gold-plated).

They fit me so well and have just the right amount of stretch (they do not lose their shape by the end of the day). I am wearing size 26 with a 30″ inseam.

For more information on the Betabrand women’s #RedPantsFriday, click here

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