Bikeskills clinics have improved my riding substantially

Dialing in my corning skills
Dialing in my corning skills – Bikeskills Trail Riding Clinic

Not only am I am part of the Bikeskills Norcal team working as the Marketing Coordinator – but I am also a student that has attended just about every monthly trail riding clinic. It’s a perk that I would be foolish to not take advantage of – especially after the car accident earlier this year.

I am thrilled with my progression – I finally feel like I control the bike,  moving it constantly underneath me instead of just being on top of it. It’s neat to see pictures of yourself riding with proper form and to have friends commenting on how much you’ve improved – so much so – they have also signed up for a Bikeskills clinic.

Practicing getting low on an up hill switchback
Practicing getting low on an up hill switchback – Bikeskills Trail Riding Clinic

For more information on the Bikeskills classes, click here.

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