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Basil gimlet at 83 Proof in San Francisco

My good friend Erica recently planned a happy hour to celebrate her fabulous new job.  I was excited to be a part of her celebration but even more so when I found out we were going to 83 Proof in San Francisco; home of the most delicious basil gimlet I’ve had to date in the bay area.

Don't let those fabulous Jeffrey Campbell booties overshadow the basil gimlet
Don't let those fabulous Jeffrey Campbell booties overshadow the basil gimlet

We arrived in the prime of happy hour pushing our way through a crowded room only to luck out with an empty space upstairs on the balcony. Thankfully for us, a group of people were on their way out leaving us with a table and several chairs. We did have to walk back downstairs to the only bar to order a drink, but I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the bartenders worked; I didn’t stand around for more than a few minutes before I placed my order.

Nice seating area on the balcony, the view isn't too shabby either
Nice seating area on the balcony, the view isn't too shabby either

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Sake tasting at Takara Sake in Berkeley, California

I love wine and beer tasting, but I have yet to experience a sake tasting. My friends Cat and Erica invited me along to Takara in Berkeley, California, I knew I was in for a treat. I am not as knowledgeable on sake as I would like, so I was thrilled with the opportunity to learn as well as see what a local bay area company has to offer.

The outside of Takara, a basic large cream colored building, looks like a typical factory. After entering and heading upstairs, you’ll find yourself in the tasting room, a spacious area decorated in traditional Japanese decor. It has a light, calming, airy feel. I especially liked the custom made Japanese ceiling fans.

Beautiful ceiling fans
Beautiful ceiling fans

As it was a beautiful sunny day, it wasn’t surprising to find the tasting room was crowded. Since we had a little time to kill before our turn for a tasting, we headed to the sake museum. Located to the right of the tasting room.

Is sake making in our future?
Is sake making in our future?

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Passing Time

I’d like to believe I live to the fullest each and every day but the reality is I live for the weekends. A typical work week usually consist of the daily grind, some exercise, cleaning, laundry and cooking. You know, all the fun and exciting stuff we do as responsible adults. The weekends are my opportunity to sleep in, let loose, eat out, ride my bike and dress any way I would like without offending the office dress code.

This past Saturday was an unusual day spent as a couple eating and shopping. I say unusual because I typically only shop with my girlfriends. Jason is rarely interested in pursuing boutiques and/or malls.  Our weekly quality time together typically consists of riding bikes, climbing, movies, games and eating out. The light rain that was on and off again for most of the day made staying indoors very inviting. His only request; we had to ride our bikes to any local east bay destination and/or to Bart.

First stop of the weekend, a delicious brunch at Camino in Oakland
First stop of the weekend, a delicious brunch at Camino in Oakland

First stop, brunch at Camino in Oakland, CA. I decided to spring something a little different on Jason and take him to my version of brunch. He allowed me to order for him as I am hands down the foodie in this relationship. I am aware of his food preferences so I ordered the oven cooked eggs in an herb and cream sauce, pork herb sausage and house potatoes cooked in duck fat. His initial reaction wasn’t as enthused as I would have liked but once the meal arrived he was pleased.

Jason chowing down. After his initial reservation he became a fan
Jason chowing down. After his initial reservation he became a fan

I ordered the poached eggs over garbanzo beans with a tomato sauce and greens. It was light, flavorful and exactly what I needed. After our delicious brunch we hopped on our bikes and rode to the Bart station. Next stop, Union Square mall in San Francisco. Continue reading Passing Time

Beauties and Bourbon

Last weekend my friend Mielle hosted a girls night out at Bourbon and Branch in San Francisco. The only requirements; dress in your best vintage attire and have a bourbon cocktail. Sounds like a fantastic evening to me.

My sister happens to be obsessed with vintage attire from the 40’s and/or new clothing that looks classic vintage. Luckily for me I’ve been thoroughly educated by her on how to pull off an evening look. This evenings attire included a cocktail dress from Stop Staring, one of my favorite boutiques in Los Angeles that specializes in vintage style clothing.

I was very happy with the finished look, a little too excited since I snapped this with my phone
I was very happy with the finished look, a little too excited since I snapped this with my phone

I hopped on Bart that evening and the looks I received from fellow riders were priceless. I knew I had done well but I didn’t realize how well until I was in public.

The four of us classy ladies
The four of us classy ladies

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So Long 2010…

2010 has been the year of many moves filled with personal discovery. The year of the Tiger, hear me roar! While it’s been an interesting and fun filled year, I am happy to say goodbye and ready to move forward with 2011.

I am lucky to have such a talented boyfriend who designed and developed this blog for me in early 2010. He saw my need for a creative outlet and delivered a fabulous gift. We’ve had quite a few adventures this year, and what a better way to say adios to 2010 then to share some of my favorite moments on camera.

Ringing in the New Years 2010
Ringing in the New Year 2010 in Portland, OR
Jason and I are Portland residents!
Jason and I are Portland, OR residents

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Birthday party bash, Lady Gaga style

This past year has been incredibly insane. 2 years later we are finally back in the bay area and just in time to celebrate my birthday. I traveled all over the west coast, Alaska and Canada with my boyfriend Jason Van Horn in 2009 working for the International Mountain Bicycling Association. In 2010 we decided to plant our roots in Portland, Oregon. I was very excited to live in a bicycle friendly city that offered some of the best mountain bike trails I have ever ridden an hours drive away. However, I was ultimately unhappy. The constant rain, lack of female friends and fashionistas began to wear on me. While I am in love with the sport of mountain biking, it just wasn’t enough of a balance for me.

Towards the end of this summer I decided to spend 2.5 months in the desert in the outskirts of Los Angeles house sitting. I desperately needed alone time to soak in the sun at my father’s lake front property and spend time with my best friend whom I’ve known for half of my life. It was a fantastic 2.5 months spent telecommuting for work, exercising 5 days a week, shopping constantly and enjoying lots of girl time. A time of recharging.

Jason and I are now settled back in the bay area. Prefect timing might I add to throw a birthday slash welcome back party. I really missed all of my friends and 2 years away from familiar faces was much too long. In typical Ingalicious style, I absolutely had to throw a party with a fabulous theme. When I think of fabulous, I think of Lady Gaga. She is in her own right one incredible artist who pushes all the limits with her fashion sense.

I took this quite seriously (all I needed to buy was a wig ;P) only to realize I actually owned plenty of garments to pull her look off effortlessly. I grabbed a pair of pleather tights, a lululemon body suit, a sequin blazer from Kensie and black knee high heel boots from Faryl Robin out of my closest and wah la, my inner Gaga was shinning! To finish off the look I put on a platinum blond wig, plenty of fabulous makeup and her signature shades.

Inga Beck dressed as Lady Gaga
Gagalicious- Me and Cat
Gagalicious - Me, Erica and Sandy

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate, you are the best!



My Funkified Factory People Top

I don’t always have time to set up my Canon 20D on a tripod and wait for the prefect lighting so I decided my camera phone (Epic 4G) is sufficient enough for a quick and dirty post. I found this fantastic top from Factory People on Gilt and was instantly attracted to the randomly placed zipper and asymmetrical bottom.

Factory People is a contemporary brand focused on bringing the latest trends and details into the simplest pieces exuding edge and style. Their clothing is made for people who love to be comfortable yet hold an appreciation for fashion at the same time. Alas, that is me to a tee.

Inga Beck modeling Factory People Drapped Pannel Top
Inga Beck modeling Factory People Draped Pannel Top

I was hanging out in San Diego with my boyfriend at Lestats (traditional European-style coffee house) when he snapped this picture of me holding a really yummy dessert.

A closer look at this shirt and you will see the really cool detailing. Besides the zipper and asymmetrical bottom, the sleeves have a double tier and are bunched with a little metal pyramid. Also on the back there are two tiny metal holes behind the tag.

Factory People Draped Pannel Top
Factory People Draped Pannel Top

I paired this top with Gray Rocker Jeans from 7 for all mankind and white converse. It was a prefect outfit for a day of wondering around San Diego. I liked that I was casual but I still hadn’t lost my sense of style.

Jcrew is my go to for stylish, comfy kitten heels

I am currently house sitting in southern California and while I am enjoying the amazing climate here, I am missing the access to my entire wardrobe. I was only able to pack two suitcases for 2.5 months and while I did remember to pack a couple outfits for work (I telecommute), I forgot the most important accessory….my kitten heels!

For those of you that are not familiar with the term “kitten heel”, it is a heel that is typically 1.5 to 3 inches high. A perfect height for a professional look and I usually only wear them when I am in meetings or going to a conference. Otherwise working from home means dressing for comfort (I live in Lululemon!).

Jcrew in my opinion has mastered the kitten heel. I have been purchasing my kitten heels from Jcrew for the past 6 years.  I don’t look for a simple “pump”. I like my heels to to be stylish, flirty, yet conservative and most importantly comfortable. Most of my kitten heels are either a peep toe, have an ankle strap or an interesting fabric (satin, velvet, suede). I traditionally stick to black but I do own a couple of other colors as well (brown, forest green).

What I also love about the Jcrew brand is the shoes are all hand made Italian leather and are always true to size (I wear an 8.5). I have never had to “break in” any of my heels. They do typically come with a spendy price tag ($200 to $250) but I promise you it is an investment worth making. I own a several pairs that have reached their 6 year mark and are still in rotation.

Here is my latest purchase, these are the Crosstown Peep Toes for $235.

Inga Beck modeling Jcrew Crosstown Peep Toes
Inga Beck modeling Jcrew Crosstown Peep Toes

I absolutely love the look of these heels. They are Italian suede with crisscross straps across the front and a gunmetal zipper at the heel. Versatile for work and play. They fit my foot like a glove and are very comfortable. The heel height is 3″ which is my maximum comfort height for walking around all day and I felt completely comfortable doing so in these.