Sake tasting at Takara Sake in Berkeley, California

I love wine and beer tasting, but I have yet to experience a sake tasting. My friends Cat and Erica invited me along to Takara in Berkeley, California, I knew I was in for a treat. I am not as knowledgeable on sake as I would like, so I was thrilled with the opportunity to […]

Passing Time

I’d like to believe I live to the fullest each and every day but the reality is I live for the weekends. A typical work week usually consist of the daily grind, some exercise, cleaning, laundry and cooking. You know, all the fun and exciting stuff we do as responsible adults. The weekends are my […]

Beauties and Bourbon

Last weekend my friend Mielle hosted a girls night out at Bourbon and Branch in San Francisco. The only requirements; dress in your best vintage attire and have a bourbon cocktail. Sounds like a fantastic evening to me. My sister happens to be obsessed with vintage attire from the 40’s and/or new clothing that looks […]

Birthday party bash, Lady Gaga style

This past year has been incredibly insane. 2 years later we are finally back in the bay area and just in time to celebrate my birthday. I traveled all over the west coast, Alaska and Canada with my boyfriend Jason Van Horn in 2009 working for the International Mountain Bicycling Association. In 2010 we decided […]

My Funkified Factory People Top

I don’t always have time to set up my Canon 20D on a tripod and wait for the prefect lighting so I decided my camera phone (Epic 4G) is sufficient enough for a quick and dirty post. I found this fantastic top from Factory People on Gilt and was instantly attracted to the randomly placed […]

Jcrew is my go to for stylish, comfy kitten heels

I am currently house sitting in southern California and while I am enjoying the amazing climate here, I am missing the access to my entire wardrobe. I was only able to pack two suitcases for 2.5 months and while I did remember to pack a couple outfits for work (I telecommute), I forgot the most […]