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Pacific Northwest

It’s been a little over 3 months since I’ve moved out of the bay area, my new life in Portland is quite a  bit different. I am  still getting used to my new job in the bike industry, the drastic weather changes and my bike commute. It’s really not surprising that one of my biggest challenges has been my wardrobe. How does one look presentable when they have a long bike commute? I’ve spent hours researching commuter style clothing and  I don’t like what I am seeing. Continue reading Pacific Northwest

Ingalicious Style: Custom Nike Air Pegasus ’83

I’ve always liked the look of Nike’s Pegasus ’83 running shoes, not only are they really comfortable but their vintage style is a great accessory to any wardrobe. The Pegasus ’83 pairs well with skinny jeans, dresses and skirts for an afternoon out or as everyday casual wear. I am a big fan of the dressing up sneakers look, especially since I typically get around on bike or foot. Continue reading Ingalicious Style: Custom Nike Air Pegasus ’83