Swagger: A demeanor of confidence, coolness, style, and togetherness. Someone with Swagger gives of an ora of comfortability with his/her self. Swagger is commonly referred to as Swag or Swagga.  A couple of days ago in an elevator I was told I had swagger. This came from an older gentleman whom I’ve casually ridden the elevator […]

Marc New York by Andrew Marc Ilena Leather Trim Wool Coat

If it isn’t already obvious by now, I have a major obsession with leather and/or very believable looking faux-leather.  I own several pairs of leather pants, almost a dozen leather jackets, and most recently a dress.  But one thing I had yet to purchase (until now) is a wool coat with leather sleeves and detailing […]

W118 by Walter Baker Faux-Leather Annika Dress

Urban-chic for soiree style! I’ve always wanted a leather dress, faux-leather preferably, and have been on a mission hunting for the prefect one.  I specifically wanted a reasonably priced faux-leather dress (under $200), that can pass for the real thing, with a modern conservative cut that is appropriate for the office.

Roaring 20’s Themed Holiday Party

My boyfriend, Jason and I attended Betabrand’s 20’s themed holiday party. I was looking forward to his company party and wanted to find a beautiful dress to represent the roaring 20’s. If you’ve ever tried looking for a 1920’s inspired dress, you will run into the same frustrations as I did online. Either it’s too […]