Taking leopard print to the next level with Dolce & Gabbana

Leopard print is a hot trend this fall, I’ve seen it on the runways, red carpets and in plenty of magazines and catalogs. For quite some time now I have been thinking about how I wanted to incorporate a piece of leopard print clothing into my wardrobe. My only concern was that I didn’t want […]

Wearing nude – a summer trend

One of the latest summer trends is nude colored clothing. Not just any nude but a nude that is washed out with peach, nutmeg, or gray undertones. Couple things to think about when buying something nude is, is it the right nude color for your skin tone and how are you going to accessorize to […]

Skunkfunk wallet – vegan, funky, and hip!

A day of perusing our local hip area to shop led to me to a little boutique filled with soft cozy lounge clothing, sweet smelling lotions and many other items that I was pleasantly surprised to see.  Among some of those items were 3 different really hip, funky, multi-colored wallets from a company called Skunkfunk.

Probiotics – a supplement worth taking

Besides taking a multi vitamin and calcium, I have always recommended taking a probiotic supplement as well. Probiotics improve intestinal balance, thus inhibiting pathogens and toxic bacteria. Basically a healthy intestinal system means better absorption of nutrients which in turn equals better health.