Officially a team member of the Bay Area LUNA Chix Mountain Biking Team

I remember the first time I saw a group of women in the LUNA jerseys riding mountain bikes, I couldn’t have been older than 20, I had pulled over on the trail to let them pass and just stared in awe. They looked confident and skilled, and were very friendly. And I had thought it […]

Bikeskills clinics have improved my riding substantially

Not only am I am part of the Bikeskills Norcal team working as the Marketing Coordinator – but I am also a student that has attended just about every monthly trail riding clinic. It’s a perk that I would be foolish to not take advantage of – especially after the car accident earlier this year. […]

Unconventional Easter

Easter was a wonderful day; the weather sunny and warm, and we were in the company of good friends and delicious food (all gluten free). My friend Danielle (who recently went through an extensive culinary program), cooked a Moroccan lamb dish over saffron quinoa. For desert, she baked a polenta, almond, lemon cake with lemon carmel icing. I contributed with a couple bottles of […]