Gray Area

I am a basics kind of girl. I like simplicity with the right fit, style and a tad bit of edge.  Everlane has become my favorite go-to brand for basic sweaters, sweatshirts and tees. Over the past couple of years, I started leaning more towards Everlane over American Apparel (I like the classic look and fit better). The only issue I have with Everlane is they run small batches, meaning items tend to sell out rather quickly. 

I am also a black skinny jeans kind of girl. I prefer a fitted, skinny jean with just the right amount of stretch over a boot cut jean any day. I like how they elongate my legs and show off my hard earned curves from cycling.  Surprisingly, the hardest thing for me to find is a flat to 2″ heel height bootie that looks good with skinny jeans tucked in. I am very picky when it comes to the look, sole and style of a bootie so my hunt hasn’t been easy. I would prefer to tuck my jeans into the booties but it looks off most of the time.  I typically end up rolling my jeans up a bit.

I did recently find a black pair of booties from Steve Madden called  VIVEE. I really hoped they would be the end all and look great with my all my black skinny jeans tucked in, however, only my 7forallmankind Gwenevere’s could pull off that look. They are thinner and more tapered at the ankles than my AG Jeans. I could always purchase ankle length skinny jeans but because I am 5’9″ they are typically a lot higher then the “ankle” length.

Casual and Fierce
Casual and Fierceingalicious

Get the look:

 Photos shot by me, using a tripod and the self timer



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