Moroccanoil – A powerful antioxidant and UV protector for hair

I have read many positive reviews about Moroccanoil in numerous magazines and have always been intrigued.  But seeing how I still had half a bottle of Biosilk Silk Therapy, I wasn’t ready to spend the $60 for this new purchase.

When the time came where I had finished the bottle of Silk Therapy, I also had a salon appointment. I was ready to see what the hype about this product was for myself.  To give you a little bit of background on my head of hair, it’s thick, wavy, and tends to be on the dry side.  So using a product daily that fortifies hair and protects against free-radicals is always on the top of my list. I like my hair to look shiny, feel soft and move freely.

My stylist put the product in first on my damp hair after my color and cut.  After she dried my hair with a round brush I added a bit more of the product for an overall shine. It wasn’t heavy, didn’t look greasy, and it had a really nice smell.  I was instantly impressed and made the purchase, thankfully they finally came out with a pump version just in time for my first purchase.

Inga Beck demonstrating what one pump of Moroccanoil looks like
Inga Beck demonstrating what one pump of Moroccanoil looks like

I’ve been using this product for a little over a month now and am still very pleased. I usually apply a couple of pumps worth into my hair while it is still damp, then apply another pump worth after drying my hair right before straight ironing, and then one last pump of product as a finish. Wahla gorgeous hair!

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