Muubaa makes beautiful leather jackets

Muubaa Galaxy Leather Jacket
Muubaa Galaxy Leather Jacket

Putting on a well-made tailored and designed leather jacket instantly gives one major sex appeal. Leather jackets have a bit of history; starting with the early 1900’s worn by aviator and military personal, they then began to achieve iconic status in Hollywood by the 1940’s, and are now relevant in today’s Pop Culture.

I’ve spent some time online researching leather jackets, and recently came across a brand I had never heard of – Muubaa. They are a UK company that makes leather jackets, coats, trousers, and accessories (made in India). After reviewing their current 2012 Biker Jacket collection online (click here) – I instantly fell in love. Everything was basically designed with me in mind – at least that’s what I would like to believe. The buttery soft lambskin, distressed finished look, asymmetric lines, draped shapes, and feminine detailing screamed, I must own one!  There is something to be said about a bad-ass leather jacket that is so well tailored, it holds a lot of femininity.

Muubaa Galaxy Leather Jacket - Gorgeous from all angels
Muubaa Galaxy Leather Jacket – Gorgeous from all angles

The Galaxy leather jacket in the rose/tan color is my first Muubaa purchase. I have yet to own a leather jacket in this color and love the versatility of it – it’s a color that can be worn throughout the entire year.  I read several reviews online that said Muubaa’s leather jackets run small, but decided to trust my instinct and ordered my regular US size 2.  I am happy with my decision, it fits perfectly with just enough room to layer. It’s a little thinner than most of the other leather jackets I currently own, but so far it’s warm enough when worn with a sweater. The starting price point for a Muubaa leather jacket is around $500. I happened to get lucky and found this Galaxy jacket from their 2011 collection at a price I am more than thrilled with.

Big smiles, I love my Muubaa Galaxy Leather Jacket!
Big smiles, I love my Muubaa Galaxy Leather Jacket!

I am also wearing an American Apparel sweater, Aqua coated skinny jeans, Grace Hats cashmere beanie,  and my Seqolene Paris hobo purse.

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