Officially a team member of the Bay Area LUNA Chix Mountain Biking Team

Inga Beck Luna Chix
Inga Beck Luna Chix

I remember the first time I saw a group of women in the LUNA jerseys riding mountain bikes, I couldn’t have been older than 20, I had pulled over on the trail to let them pass and just stared in awe. They looked confident and skilled, and were very friendly. And I had thought it would be neat to be a part of their team. Sadly, I didn’t have much confidence or skill at that time and thought I would probably never be able to ride my mountain bike so well much less be part of a team. Fast forward a decade, with more solo and group rides than I can count, over a handful of clinics and private lessons, and lots of big smiles and fun adventures along the way – and I am officially a team member of the Bay Area LUNA Chix Mountain Bike Team.

The LUNA Chix program brings together women interested in learning new sports, staying active and inspiring others to do the same. They organize and lead women only group rides (for all levels), clinics and fundraise for the Breast Cancer Fund. This is truly something I am proud to be a part of – click here to learn more.

Inga Beck Luna Chix

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