MISSanthrope Hoodie From Betabrand

Every once in a while I am called to duty to step in as the talent for a Betabrand photo shoot. My boyfriend Jason has been working as their lead photographer for a number of years now.  Not only do I get to hang out with him for a bit but he also typically buys me dinner.  A win win for me. Continue reading “MISSanthrope Hoodie From Betabrand”

TOMS Lobamba Wayfarer

I have a small oval sized face and if I am not careful sunglasses tend to look overwhelming large. I found the wayfarer style to be the most flattering eyewear for my face. Wayfarers in general are the most popular style of eyewear in the world. Not surprising since they tend to look good on almost all shapes and sizes of faces. Continue reading “TOMS Lobamba Wayfarer”