Panthera Pardus with Timo Weiland

While some may think it’s absurd to own a dry clean only sweat top, I won’t bat an eye. Especially if it’s made with quality fabrics, is intentionally over-sized, and has an amazing print. In this case, that print is leopard (a personal favorite)


Timo Weiland, a namesake brand, was something I recently discovered on GILT.  When I saw this Eve sweat top online,  I could tell that this was a quality piece that would not only look great on me but I would also have a lot of fun wearing it.

Retailing for $100, a blend of acrylic/pes/polyamide, this sweat top comes in standard 0-12 women’s sizing.  I am wearing a size 2 . I ordered my usual size after looking at the size chart and reading up of the material. It has an over-sized look without having to size up (or down) and I am very happy that shrinkage is not an issue.


I am paring the sweat top with black 7forallmankind Gwenevere skinny jeans, black Louie Sam Edelman booties, a Muubaa leather jacket and Deux Lux purse.



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