Probiotics – a supplement worth taking

Besides taking a multi vitamin and calcium, I have always recommended taking a probiotic supplement as well. Probiotics improve intestinal balance, thus inhibiting pathogens and toxic bacteria. Basically a healthy intestinal system means better absorption of nutrients which in turn equals better health. 

It is also known to help clear skin infections, prevent tooth decay, periodontal disease and vaginal infections. And as someone who always wants to look their best and feel their best, taking a probiotic daily seems like a very sensible thing to do.

Pearls probiotics
Pearls probiotics

I’ve tried many different brands of probiotics over the past 15 years and one probiotic from Enzymatic called Pearls has stood out from the rest. I have been taking this particular supplement for over a year now. It’s very tiny, you can swallow it without water and it doesn’t need refrigeration (huge plus), therefore making it easy to travel with. All the reviews I have ever read online for this product were very positive. It’s in the mid price range for a probiotic. If you do your research and look for the product online, you can find a 30 day supply for $12, otherwise it’s sold from anywhere to $18-24 dollars at any natural food store.

Pearls probiotics
Actual size, easy to swallow

My recommendation for taking this product is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach with a glass of water.  Cheers to good health!

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