Roaring 20’s Themed Holiday Party

My boyfriend, Jason and I attended Betabrand’s 20’s themed holiday party. I was looking forward to his company party and wanted to find a beautiful dress to represent the roaring 20’s. If you’ve ever tried looking for a 1920’s inspired dress, you will run into the same frustrations as I did online. Either it’s too costume-y and/or cheap looking or expect to pay $200+ for a quality flapper dress (Unique Vintage has a great selection of 20’s flapper dresses)

Like most people, I am on a budget. And seeing how this isn’t the only holiday dress I needed to purchase, I was looking to spend no more than a hundred dollars.

After countless hours of searching online, I found a dress line that is heavily inspired by the 20’s – Pisarro Nights. There are plenty of decadent dresses with sparkling beading from top to bottom to choose from.

I am tall and slender, and opted for a longer dress. The V-Neck Sequin Beaded Gown in slate gray quickly drew my attention. I found it new on EBay for $80 and took a chance on ordering my usual size 2 (I did read some reviews that said they are true to size).

All I can say is my research paid off! This is an incredibly beautiful dress. It is heavy due to all the beading, and you do need to be careful with it (the beads come loose) but I would have easily paid retail for this dress if I could afford it.

I paired the dress with a faux-fur coat and J Crew Mary Janes.




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