Mar Menor is home to the largest salt water lagoon in Europe – known as the sea of health because of its warm waters, high salinity and healing muds. Located in the Region of Murcia, Spain it is gem worth checking out.

I ventured here with a couple of friends eager to enjoy the mud baths that are free and open to the public year-round.  (this is something I usually have to pay for in a spa) The first thing you see are several large constructed wooden decks that provide access to the salt water that are also meant for you to lie out on once you are covered in mud.

Getting muddy with friends
Getting muddy with friends

The warm salt water is only waist high deep at its lowest point even though it is over a quarter mile distance from the shore. Once you are in the water, you need to dig around on the floor and pick up piles of mud. (next time I would bring a sand bucket) We stayed close to the deck so we had somewhere to put our piles of mud, making it a lot easier to apply it to our bodies.

Staying warm with a beer
Staying warm with a beer

The winds are typically high in this area which makes it better suited for warmer weather.  (apparently it is really crowded in the summer time) We were here in low 60 degree temperatures and were actually really cold once we were out of the water.

Even though I wished it were warmer, I am really glad to have had this experience and recommend it to anyone traveling through Murcia, Spain.

For more information on the mud baths, click here. 

All photos were shot by me using a tripod and self-timer.

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