Skunkfunk wallet – vegan, funky, and hip!

A day of perusing our local hip area to shop led to me to a little boutique filled with soft cozy lounge clothing, sweet smelling lotions and many other items that I was pleasantly surprised to see.  Among some of those items were 3 different really hip, funky, multi-colored wallets from a company called Skunkfunk.

That was the first time I have ever heard of this company. The saleswoman mentioned this wallet was vegan and also said she bought one for herself. After showing me her wallet that was purchased over 2 months ago, I could see not only was this very stylish but it was also made very well and a bigger bonus, it was green.

Skunkfunk vegan multi-colored wallet
Skunkfunk wallet in comparison to a hobo purse

With three multi-colored wallets to choose from, I ended up with the fuchsia, black, dark brown and olive combo. I choose this mainly because the color scheme works well with a black or brown purse. My eye initially led me to the cream, yellow and brown combo but I knew I was limited with purse choice and the cream color may not look so “cream” with wear and tear. The last option was navy blue, black and red.

After owning this wallet for some time, I still really love the aesthetics and it does indeed hold up well. The slots for my credit cards and I.D are a bit snug (I’ve had to wrestle out my I.D a number of times), but I can live with that. It holds all my coupons, groupons, credit cards, reward cards and change all the while looking very hip doing it.

Skunkfunk vegan multi-colored wallet
Skunkfunk wallet open, view of the credit card slots

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