Soia and Kyo make beautiful leather jackets

It’s spring but still a bit chilly here in the Northwest. I finally no longer need to wear a winter coat to stay warm and have moved on to a beautiful Elena leather jacket from Soia and Kyo. These gorgeous leather jackets don’t come without a spendy price tag so if you can find last seasons on sale, I say go for it.

Soia and Kyo is a Montreal based company making a line of coats that are French chic and Canadian tough.  These feminine jackets are packed with vintage details like contrasting lining and over sized buttons, as well as unique twists with a je ne sais quoi that illuminates like the northern lights. The sleek tapered fit paints your silhouette and insulates better against the cold.

I also own a wool coat from this brand that has the most beautiful collar and buttons. What I love about the Elena leather jacket is that it reminds me of a sexy motocross jacket, it goes with just about anything from jeans to a dress. And the purple isn’t an obnoxious purple but more so of a faded vintage purple. It’s absolutely stunning in person.

Soia and Kyo Elena Leather Jacket
Soia and Kyo Elena Leather Jacket

Soia and Kyo Elena Leather Jacket msrp $400, purchased for $240.

Soia and Kyo Elena Leather Jacket
Soia and Kyo Elena Leather Jacket


5 thoughts on “Soia and Kyo make beautiful leather jackets”

  1. You look great in the coat! Any tips on Soia Kyo sizing? I’m a 2 petite. Would you say XS or S? Thanks!

  2. I am wearing an XS. It fits well (normally a size 2) but the sleeves are a little shorter than I like. You will be very happy with an XS.

  3. Came across your blog while looking up reviews on this very jacket! I am a 0/00 regular with narrow shoulders and a short torso but I am not petite exactly–I am 5’5″. I’m deciding between the XS and the XXS. I am quite thin (100 lbs) and slightly built so I’m tempted to get the XXS but I’m worried that it won’t accomodate my bust. What would you suggest?

  4. Hi Carmen, I would order the XXS if you are either an A or B cup. It is rather tight around the bust otherwise. I am a 32 B and the XS fits prefect for me (5’9 120lbs). If you are a C cup and above I would then size up to to XS unless you don’t mind not zipping up the jacket.

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