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Unconventional Easter

Easter was a wonderful day; the weather sunny and warm, and we were in the company of good friends and delicious food (all gluten free). My friend Danielle (who recently went through an extensive culinary program), cooked a Moroccan lamb dish over saffron quinoa. For desert, she baked a polenta, almond, lemon cake with lemon carmel icing. I contributed with a couple bottles of red wine and an organic spring mix salad with radishes, tomatoes, red onion, strawberries and balasmic dressing. Mielle and Chris made stuffed pears with goat cheese and candied walnuts. What a feast!

Danielle has a beautiful backyard that is prefect for a photo shoot. Lucky for me, Jason brought his camera along. I am obsessed with mixing patterns and especially stripes with florals. That is one of my favorite combinations and it happens to be one of the trends for this spring and summer.

Stripes, florals and solids, it's all there
Stripes, florals and solids, it's all there

My floral, draped, silk skirt is from Orion London and the striped top is from Tart. Since it wasn’t quite warm enough to go without stockings, I opted for a solid pair of black tights and my Jeffrey Campbell wedged booties.  For an extra layer, I added a solid black knit blazer from 7forallmandkind. I didn’t want to look like a hot mess with too many patterns and colors so I purposely stuck with all black solids.

My tribute to the 80's
My tribute to the 80's

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They call me mellow yellow

Yellow is  my favorite color of clothing to wear; it has always complimented my skin tone and brings out the highlights in my hair. I also use yellow as a color therapy; feeling noticeably happier and more energized when I wear it. This gorgeous modal sling back t-shirt from VPL is one of my favorite yellow tops to date.

Yellow mellow
Yellow mellow

I am a fan of colored jeans and especially white jeans. It took me 2 years to find the right pair, either the fit was off or the fabric was too thick. Since this is a warm weather pant, I wanted it stretchy, tight and the fabric thin enough to breathe (but not too thin where it becomes see through). Guido & Mary delivered, and so much so, that I now own 4 pairs of their skinny jeans.

Too cool for school
Too cool for school

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Pop of color

If you are keeping up with the trends, the current spring and summer collections are full of vibrant colors. It’s been a bit chilly this past week and when I woke up this morning, I just wanted to wear something bright. I needed the illusion of warmth.

A bright top and leather pants make a fabulous pairing.
A bright top and leather pants make a fabulous pairing

I thought about what I’ve seen lately on other fashion sites and I really love the combination of leather pants with a bright top.  It looks so effortless and fashion forward. Since I own both, why not try it for myself? I found this v-neck top at the bottom of a drawer, I had purchased it last summer at Nordstroms but had never worn it. I love the color and cut, I just hadn’t found the right bottoms to wear it with.

Feeling alive with color.
Feeling alive with color

It’s funny when you get excited about clothing you haven’t seen in your closet in a while. The same goes for my black Jcrew cardigan and the black woven BDG skimmers. I hadn’t worn either of those pieces as well. While I would have preferred a gorgeous pair of black heels, the reality is I walk a lot. Sadly, heels aren’t conducive to my lifestyle.

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