Urban wear with some flair

If you haven’t noticed already, I sure do love my denim and stripe tops. I especially love wearing denim jeans with a denim jacket, but stray away from wearing the same color of denim on the top and bottom (that always looks off in my opinion). I pretty much wear jeans on a regular basis, […]

Betsey Johnson Ruffle Blazer

Blazers are one of my favorite articles of clothing to enhance an outfit (as well as keep you warm) and look even more chic than a cardigan. There are so many styles, cuts and colors to choose from that just owning one blazer seems unfair. Admittedly, I am guilty of owning at least a dozen. […]

House of Dereon Lined Blazer

For those of you who aren’t familiar with House of Dereon this brand was inspired by Tina Knowles, mother of American R&B recording artist Beyonce Knowles. The House of Dereon collection incorporates a lot of silk charmeuse, chiffron, and satin crepe fabrics.