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Gray Area

I am a basics kind of girl. I like simplicity with the right fit, style and a tad bit of edge.  Everlane has become my favorite go-to brand for basic sweaters, sweatshirts and tees. Over the past couple of years, I started leaning more towards Everlane over American Apparel (I like the classic look and fit better). The only issue I have with Everlane is they run small batches, meaning items tend to sell out rather quickly.  Continue reading Gray Area

Urban wear with some flair

Urban color blocking
Urban color blocking

If you haven’t noticed already, I sure do love my denim and stripe tops. I especially love wearing denim jeans with a denim jacket, but stray away from wearing the same color of denim on the top and bottom (that always looks off in my opinion). I pretty much wear jeans on a regular basis, and while I love dresses and skirts, it’s not always conducive to my lifestyle. I walk and/or ride my bike every single day. Not to mention, Oakland and San Francisco are quite chilly in the spring and require layers at all times. So in order for me to feel stylish; either my top, shoes, jacket or purse needs to be a statement piece. Continue reading Urban wear with some flair

Sgt Pepper

Last year I was obsessed with military style coats and purchased this navy blue Laundry by Shelli Segal coat. Sadly, I had only worn it a few times – it’s a bit heavy and requires colder weather. Part of me was thinking about selling it on ebay since I hadn’t shown much interest in wearing it. However, my mind quickly changed once I put it on this morning – I had forgotten how stunning it is.

Flare for life
Flare for life

It is fully lined, single breasted, with a shirt collar, flapped patch pockets, and skirted hem. A gorgeous and well made coat.

Beautiful detailing - a well made coat
Beautiful detailing

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Betsey Johnson Ruffle Blazer

Blazers are one of my favorite articles of clothing to enhance an outfit (as well as keep you warm) and look even more chic than a cardigan. There are so many styles, cuts and colors to choose from that just owning one blazer seems unfair. Admittedly, I am guilty of owning at least a dozen.

The first thing I look for when shopping for a blazer is the cut. My preference has changed a bit lately leaning me towards a form fitting blazer versus a relaxed fit. The next thing I look at is the material, color, closure (buttons, hooks, zippers) and style. I have made the effort to make sure I own a blazer for each season (extra lining for the winter, silk for the summer). And while most of them are black, they are all completely different (short, long, ruffles, zippers, draped fronts, leather sleeves, pronounced shoulders..etc). That brings me to my latest purchase, a Betsey Johnson ruffle blazer.

Ruffle blazers and a blooming tree go hand in hand
Ruffle blazers and a blooming tree go hand in hand.

I am a fan of Betsey Johnson’s clothing and accessories; and typically purchase the more conservative pieces (bright clothing isn’t my thing). I saw this blazer on sale and knew this would be a great addition to my everyday chic casual wardrobe.

The cut and ruffles on the back are simply gorgeous.
The cut and ruffles on the back are simply gorgeous.

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House of Dereon Lined Blazer

For those of you who aren’t familiar with House of Dereon this brand was inspired by Tina Knowles, mother of American R&B recording artist Beyonce Knowles. The House of Dereon collection incorporates a lot of silk charmeuse, chiffron, and satin crepe fabrics. Continue reading House of Dereon Lined Blazer