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Swagger: A demeanor of confidence, coolness, style, and togetherness. Someone with Swagger gives of an ora of comfortability with his/her self. Swagger is commonly referred to as Swag or Swagga. 

A couple of days ago in an elevator I was told I had swagger. This came from an older gentleman whom I’ve casually ridden the elevator with a number of times now in my office building.  Apparently, I have a reputation in the building for having incredible style and confidence. This was the first I’ve heard about this and am very flattered. So I thought it would be fitting to name this post, Swagger. Especially since I was wearing this outfit on that day. Continue reading Swagger

Free Flowing

This week I started a gluten free diet, my main reason is to find out if wheat is the culprit to my fatigue. It’s gotten worse in the last 2 years after I ditched my healthy way of life to travel and ride bikes. We all know how easy it is to retain bad eating habits on the road with limited food options. Once we settled in to Portland, I started eating more local produce and organic foods but I still was suffering from fatigue. I even went so far to fast and detox, which helped temporarily until I started incorporating my regular foods again. So we shall see, so far I am already feeling a bit more energized and  I’ve trimmed up a bit.

I thought what a better way to celebrate my first gluten free week by embracing a bohemian look. I’ve always admired the way high waisted flared jeans looked on models but I wasn’t so sure I could pull it off. To my surprise, I was absolutely wrong. I should have purchased a pair years ago!

Even on this cloudy day I feel light and bright
Even on this cloudy day I feel light and bright

These jeans are from Guido and Mary (currently my favorite denim company). Every pair of jeans I’ve purchased from them fits me like a glove. And I am the same size through out their entire line which makes buying online incredibly easy.

Guido & Mary make gorgeous jeans
Guido & Mary make gorgeous jeans

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3 summer trends all wrapped up into one day

Lace, beige and fedoras.  What’s not to like about this summers trends? I’ve already talked about how much I love lace, how beige or nude color clothing is in, and how hats (especially fedoras) are a must have accessory. So here is an example of those 3 must haves together in one fantastic, cool summer outfit. Continue reading 3 summer trends all wrapped up into one day