Inga Beck Modani Modern Furniture

The Ingalicious Modani Living Room

I was recently asked by Modani Modern Furniture to design my ideal living room using their furniture and accessories. I immediately jumped to the challenge and created a style board showcasing my favorite pieces.

I love modern design so this was an easy task. I chose the Lina Safari rug as the starting point to create this beautiful room. I love working off accent pieces, especially ones with a variety of colors and textures.

Ingalicious Modani Modern Furniture Project
Ingalicious Modani Modern Furniture Project

Next I chose the black Monaco leather sofa and decided on black oak furniture – the Vanta coffee table, Oslo side table, Epso shelves, and Kaluga TV stand. I love the richness and simplicity that a black leather couch and black oak furniture provides. It’s masculine yet incredibly sexy.

I am a geometric shape fanatic so when I saw the Axis mirror it was a must have piece for the room. To compliment the mirror I chose lighting pieces with black fabric and metal stands – the Alix ceiling light and the Barcelo floor lamp.

And lastly I decided on an accent wall with Glass wallpaper, a couple of green Lilies vases (for a pop of color), a large stainless steel fruit bowl, an abstract Expo framed art piece (another pop of color) and the Peg framed art piece.

I love this room and wish it was actually mine. Admittedly, my current living room displays some similarities.

If you like any of the Modani Modern Furniture pieces I featured you can check them out at their modern furniture stores in person or through the virtual tours of each showroom.


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