It’s been a tough season for me; I’ve had several ups and downs with my fitness routine (primarily due to the lack of time), a couple of solid crashes and plenty of soreness. So why do I keep on pushing myself? I can’t imagine not doing so, I thrive on the pain.

Not only am I cyclist but I am an overall fitness junkie. I spend several days a week running, sessioning hundreds of stairs near my home, weight lifting in the gym and yoga at home. It’s taken me years to build a cycling fitness as well as an overall muscle base. It’s even harder for me because I am an Ectomorph, giving me quite a challenge to look like an athlete. While I’ve spent many years discouraged by the lack of a chiseled body, I’ve finally come to grips with it. I’ve revamped my thinking and enjoy giving my competitors the element of surprise. Hey, who knew this girl was actually fit?

Training ride at Waterdog Park in Belmont, CA
Training ride at Waterdog Park in Belmont, CA

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Urban fashionista blogger professional co-op food member athlete with a love for riding bikes.

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