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Without Walls High-Waisted Legging

There is something to be said about feeling sexy while you are working out. When I like the way my body looks in my workout clothing, I tend to be more motivated to dig deeper and push further during a workout. 

I am not one to wear patterned or bright colored workout leggings. I prefer to stick with a solid black, mainly for the slender factor but also to  avoid any embarrassing sweat marks. When I came across these Without Walls high waisted moto leggings online at Urban Outfitters, I fell instantly in love.

Without Walls High Waisted Legging

Without Walls High Waisted Legging

I like that they are a solid black moto style legging in the front with long mesh panel in the back. Simplistic, but yet incredibly sexy and edgy at the same time. They look so good. Not to mention they breathe well and have plenty of stretch for yoga.  I was worried the mesh would tear easily, but I am happy to report they are holding up just fine.

The high waisted moto style legging is sold out – but they also offer a basic black high waisted legging with side mesh panels (click here). 

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