Marc by Marc Jacobs zipper necklace

On a recent trip to San Francisco, one of my friends was wearing this fabulous necklace made of gold zippers that continuously drew my eyes to her neck while we were having drinks at a lounge. She is a girl who knows how to wear jewelry; in fact she works for a local jewelry artist and is an artist herself.

After discussing the necklace with her she mentioned it is Marc by Marc Jacobs and that I should still be able to find this piece. So the following day I did just that. After an hour of admiring and touching many items in the Marc by Marc Jacobs store, I did not see this necklace on display in the jewelry section so I asked a saleswoman. Lucky for me, there was only one left and it was hidden on a mannequin.

After trying on my soon to be necklace I could see this was a piece in its own right. It would always need to be paired some sort of solid color top, preferably black and my earrings would always have to be some sort of small gold stud, otherwise I could teeter on looking gaudy.

I have to admit since buying this I have had trouble wanting to wear it mainly due to my mood. It’s a piece that really stands out and could end up looking like you are trying too hard. I needed to be sure I felt confident with my choice of outfit and was going to the right places to put it on display. The first time I finally wore it out was for a girl’s night on the town and I paired it with a solid tight black top, jeans, a black blazer and fuchsia colored heels.  The heels and the necklace are what took this normally “safe” outfit to the next level with a bit of an artistic edge. I absolutely loved the overall final look and ended up receiving several compliments from strangers while I was out and about.

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